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Updated: Jul 12, 2020

July 12, 2020 UPDATE:

Transparency is part of our core values at Lions Gate Home Care and that is why we are providing an update regarding our Facebook Page.

In January 2020 we made the attempt to change our Facebook name and user name to Lions Gate Home Care from our previous CBI branding. Unfortunately, Facebook repeatedly denied our request with no explanation. Over the next 4 months, we continued to fight for the right to change our name since we were no longer affiliated with CBI. In May 2020 we opened a new page in order to avoid confusion with our fans and clients.

Moving to July, we suddenly received communication from a Facebook senior employee to discuss all the appeals that we filed. After explaining our situation, we were granted our new name providing that we merged the old page with the new page. Those changes have now been completed.

One special note: As some of you may have noticed we were running a contest at the time this was all happening. Because we were informed that the page merge was happening, we took a screenshot of all the entries that were placed up until the merge happened. We will repost the contest on July 13th and the 4 entries will remain, regardless of whether or not they participate on our new page.

If you have any questions regarding the changes we have made or the contest we are running, please forward an email to rwhitney@lionsgatehc.ca and we will provide you with any relevant information that you request. Thank you for your understanding.

As our readers, guests, clients & staff know, in late 2019 we proudly transitioned from a WeCare/CBI into Lions Gate Home Care. With the transition, comes many changes with print and digital media.

Sometimes these changes can provide a few hiccups and we have run into one with our Facebook Page. After months of working with Facebook, we were unable to update our Facebook user name to Lions Gate Home Care. This was due to a rare technical glitch that neither Facebook nor Lions Gate Home Care is able to rectify at this time.

Since we opened our office in 1996 , clarity and transparency have been at the heart of our services, communications and actions. To avoid confusion effective immediately we are moving to our new Lions Gate Home Care branded Facebook page located at https://www.facebook.com/LionsGateHomeCare .

We would love it if you would join us on our new page for continued updates, contests & caregiving tips from the same caring people you have grown to know and trust for nearly 25 years.

Thank You for your continued support,

Paul Campbell


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